Ruskin Lace
Elizabeth Prickett


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Useful to use as pattern and article inspiration as well as communicating Ruskin Lace



Selection of postcards or pictures of articles worked by Elizabeth over the years.

All photographs taken by Mr L Patch.
Postcards printed by, Abacus (Colour Printers) Ltd., Cumbria. (01229 885361)

Description starting bottom left,

No.1 - Worked by Elizabth,on two examples of locally hand spun and woven linen.  

No 2 - Workbag and accessories designed and worked by Elizabeth - 1977.  Instructions for making in book "Ruskin lace & Linen Work"


No. 3 - An enlargement of the pattern on No. - 1


Description for remaining five from the left.


No.4 - Free hanging Sampler showing distribution of pattern layout, with nothing central and no two items of interest on the same parallel.

  No.5 - Selection of Pincushions showing a variety of patterns.

No.6 - Box top, implying pattern layout on the diagonal, but fabric was mounted on the cross of grain.


No.7 - Two small bags or reticules to use as sachet for pot-pourri, also a housewife and a flat type of pincushion.


No. - 8 A large free hanging Sampler, worked on original hand spun and woven linen designed by Elizabeth Prickett and worked in conjunction with 60 of her students, presented to the Victoria & Albert Museum, London 1978. Request to view needs to be made at least three months in advance.  Index No. T18-1979.


Cost of set = 2.80 + 0.66p postage
Cheques payable to Richard Prickett,
Hollace, Torver, Coniston, Cumbria LA21 8BH




Photographs copyright Elizabeth Prickett 2002, all rights reserved.