Ruskin Lace
Elizabeth Prickett

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Excellent modern museum, incorporating artefacts relating to the copper mines, slate quarries, John Ruskin, Donald Campbell, Langdale Linen Industry and Ruskin Lace as well as many aspects of early village life. 

Brant wood on the east side of Coniston Lake, the home of John Ruskin from 1872 until his death in 1900, there are items of earlier linen work on display in showcase in the drawing room and a Ruskin Lace bedspread on his bed.  The Armitt Library, Ambleside 

A local Postman very much aware of the beautiful countryside he travels on his daily rounds, then shares it with the world 

Cumbria Adult Education residential College running short courses on a wide range of subjects including Ruskin Lace  as above, but in Lancashire  The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, has the largest textile collection in the U.K., including a Ruskin Lace Sampler.  Burnley, Lancs. has a large collection of textiles including a Ruskin Lace Sampler.  Since retiring from teaching 2006, Most of my work is now at Gawthorpe Hall available on pre-booked Study days contact, for attention of Textile Curator; Gail Marsh 

Based in Stourbridge, W. Midlands. U.K. established over 25yrs. ago, is open to international membership and embraces interest in all types of lace.  Based in Hampton Court Palace, London, a very comprehensive site.  A young guild which should eventually cover a wide range of interest 

One of the largest embroidery stockist in the country, catalogue on request, mail order also shop which tries its best to pack 'a quart into a pint pot'  About the village, what to do, where to stay, etc

The Guild of Needle Laces is U.K. based but open to international membership with three magazines annually

Fabrics HQ Everything Fabrics, from Aerospace textiles to Xplory textile set and every type in between. A fantastic site.
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