Ruskin Lace
Elizabeth Prickett

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DVD Tutorial

This is a step-by-step of the basic technique depicted from the working position (available in PAL format).

View extract from DVD


This DVD is a culmination of 36yrs. of teaching this unique craft of substance, a technique that has survived since 1884 despite great changes in the World of Fabric Art. After much persuasion over the years, long before camera technology was capable of working in such clear and close detail.  Meeting a very able cameraman who is master of his craft as well as gifted with infinite patience, was the ultimate, to whom Elizabeth is greatly indebted.

Elizabeth is hopeful this facility will fill the gap between workshops. With the support of her book for those who are unable to attend workshops, which will always be the ideal situation, working in convivial surroundings, with those of like mind,  Though understandably not available to everyone.

The DVD is professionally produced as a two disc pack of 3hrs. 55mins duration with a chapter menu and sub menu which will allow the operator to move to various stages as need.  Beginning with an introduction.  Followed by a breakdown of basic instruction from the blank piece of fabric through the many and varied traditional stages to the end result.  With many 'tips' along the way to clarify the mystery, using very basic stitches.  All viewed from the working position. Finally ending with a brief outline of the origins of Ruskin Lace.

Possibly the greatest asset for the distant worker is seeing how the work is held and how flexible it can be in the working position.  This will assist in the search for leathercloth which must be flexible but will not buckle when the pattern area forms a large squares or are long and narrow.



There is a 'tip' on the technique page of this site suggesting how to stabilise stretch in the modern PVC type of fabric used in fashion and upholstery, both marine and domestic.

Patterns are not hard and fast rules, but the basic grid is.  Component shapes are interchangeable to make a stable and aesthetic whole  This is where the flare for design can be unleashed interconnecting with the padded roll and basic grid. The larger the pattern area the more the basic grid needs to be subdivided to maintain pattern stability.

      Outside the UK the DVD can be obtained via the on-line store.  

Cost:- 18.00 + 0.96p postage

        Within the UK if it is more convenient can be ordered direct.

      Cheques payable to Richard Prickett
Hollace, Torver ,Coniston, Cumbria, LA21 8BH

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